Points to pay attention to when purchasing a double beam crane

As customers, we all know that choosing and purchasing a double beam crane is not an easy task, and there are many questions to be aware of. If you choose based solely on price or subjective consciousness, it is easy to buy a crane with poor quality. Not only does it affect future production and use, but it also greatly increases the cost of maintenance in the later stage, not to mention safety hazards, which is not worth the loss. So here, let me talk to you about the issues to pay attention to when choosing a double beam crane.

One is quality: Customers who are not familiar with cranes naturally cannot tell whether their quality is good or bad. People who have a slight understanding may have some knowledge of motors and steel, but they believe they have no knowledge of the transmission and electrical parts of cranes. If you cannot determine the quality, the simplest thing is to listen to the sound. A high-quality transmission has a smaller sound.

The second is price: When buying things, everyone likes to buy products that offer great value for money, but they are not easily obtainable. A crane with good quality will not be very cheap. Please recognize that every penny is worth every penny, and do not be greedy for bargains.

Thirdly, details: whether the quality is good or bad, we can also observe from the details, for example, is the weld seam even? What material is the take-up frame on one side of the main beam? Is it pulled by steel wire rope or welded by angle steel? These can all be judged from the details to determine the overall quality.

Fourth, brand: It is recommended that everyone choose a brand with quality and service guarantees.

All material suppliers have been strictly examined, and each batch oraw materials has undergone rigorous testinq.

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