Working characteristics and risk factors of double beam cranes

Working characteristics and risk factors of double beam cranes

1. Double beam cranes are usually equipped with large structures and relatively complex mechanisms, and the operation process often involves several movements in different directions simultaneously, which is technically difficult.

2. There are various types of heavy objects that can be lifted, and the load is variable. Some heavy objects weigh over a hundred tons, have large and irregular volumes, as well as loose particles, hot melt, and flammable and explosive hazardous materials, making the lifting process complex and dangerous.

3. It needs to operate within a large range, with a large activity space, and once an accident is caused, the area affected is also large.

4. Some lifting machinery (only referring to construction elevators, etc.) require direct transportation of personnel for lifting movements, and their reliability directly affects personal safety.

5. There are many exposed components of the activity, and they often come into direct contact with operators, potentially causing many accidental hazards.

6. The working environment is complex, such as involving enterprises, ports, construction sites, and other places, involving high temperature, high pressure, flammable and explosive environmental hazards, posing a threat to equipment and operators.

7. In homework, multiple people often need to cooperate and cooperate, which requires high requirements for commanders, operators, and lifting workers.

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