Reasons for the starting and stopping shaking of a single beam crane

The single beam crane has two operating modes: ground and air. There are two types of ground operation: wired handle operation and remote control handle operation; Air operation refers to cab operation. There are two types of cabs: open and closed, which can be installed on the left or right side according to the actual situation. The entrance direction has two types: side and end, to meet the needs of users in various situations.

Reasons for the start and stop shaking of a single beam crane:

1. The transmission components have worn gaps. If the gear of the gear coupling and the gear of the reducer and their combination keys become loose, the gap between the connecting bolts of the transmission shaft and the holes becomes larger.

2. The wheel engagement key is loose.

3. A certain wheel is not rotating properly. Due to the misalignment of the base plate fixing the wheel bearing seat, the bearing is not clamped flexibly, so the wheel should be stopped first when parking.

4. The braking torque of the brakes on both sides of the separately driven crane is inconsistent, and when parking, one brake wheel has stopped while the other continues to rotate.

Due to the twisting and shaking of the vehicle body, the wheels on both sides rotate accordingly, causing multiple repeated impacts on the transmission components of the vehicle body, accelerating the wear of combined parts such as gears and keys (a basic type of component failure). Severe twisting and shaking also pose a risk of twisting and breaking the transmission shaft (consisting of a shaft tube, expansion sleeve, and universal joint). Deform the bridge. Due to the bridge leading and lagging on one side at the same time, and at the moment of rebound, the leading side lags behind, and the lagging side is leading. This oscillates and shakes back and forth, causing plastic deformation or cracking at the connection between the bridge and the crossbeam.

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