Working principle of gantry crane trolley

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2023/08/26 20:52

The lifting trolley of a gantry crane is generally composed of a small frame, lifting mechanism, and trolley running mechanism. The lifting mechanism is installed on the trolley platform. The trolley traveling mechanism is composed of an electric motor, a gear coupling with brake wheels, a reducer, a transmission shaft, and wheels. The transmission form of the trolley traveling mechanism is generally centralized drive, which uses one electric motor, one brake, and one reducer to drive one traveling wheel.

The transmission process sequence of the gantry crane lifting trolley is driven by an electric motor, including gear coupling, reducer, gear coupling, transmission shaft, and finally completed by the running wheel.

The working principle of the gantry crane lifting trolley is to start the traveling mechanism of the lifting trolley, energize the motor, release the brake, and input power into the reducer through the coupling. It transforms the high speed and low torque of the motor into low speed and high torque. Therefore, the reducer not only plays a deceleration role, but also increases the torque. The torque output by the low-speed shaft of the reducer passes through the transmission shaft, driving the running wheel set to roll on the track, thereby achieving lateral movement of the lifting trolley on the track.

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