How to Prevent Rust on Single Beam Crane Bearings

At present, single beam cranes are widely used in large-scale construction sites, which helps to effectively carry out the project. Its bearings are very important components, but if not maintained and used correctly, they can easily rust and affect normal use. So, how should professional manufacturers tell you about rust prevention for single beam crane bearings?

1、 Surface cleaning is essential for the cleaning of bearings, and the best method must be selected based on the properties of the material and environmental conditions. Common cleaning methods include chemical treatment, mechanical cleaning, and solvent cleaning. In addition, it should be noted that the surface needs to be dried after cleaning. You can choose to dry it with filtered dry compressed air or use a dryer. In addition, under simple conditions, the bearings can also be wiped with a cotton cloth.

2、 Apply appropriate anti rust oil (isolating air) on a clean basis using anti rust oil, and the optimal application method for anti rust oil is also selected based on the use and size of the single beam crane. The specific methods for applying anti rust oil are as follows: 1. Soaking method: Soaking in a small amount of anti rust oil to make the grease adhere to the surface of the bearing, providing protection. In addition, the thickness of the oil film can be adjusted according to the situation. 2. spray method: For large cranes, the spray method is more appropriate and convenient. It is suitable for solvent diluted antirust oil and thin antirust oil. However, perfect fire prevention and labor protection measures must be taken for safety protection.

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