Three fixing methods for electric hoists on construction sites

There are many fixing methods for electric winches when they are used, such as using a crane bracket for high-altitude lifting. The installation pulley can slide and lift on I-beams, and fixing on a base is a common fixing method. For example, it can be used on wide and thick wooden boards, cement floors, steel plates, and other objects to prevent the winch from overturning and sliding when lifting objects. When using electric winches on construction sites, there are three commonly used methods for fixing them without brackets to choose from.

1. Fixed cement floor method: Install the electric hoist on a concrete foundation (the foundation refers to the load-bearing structure below the building ground, such as foundation pits, bearing platforms, frame columns, ground beams, etc.), and then use foundation screws to fix the hoist base, which can also be fixed with expansion screws.

2. Ground anchor method: Fix the winch with a ground anchor and transmit the force to it through the ground anchor. This method is commonly used on construction sites.

3. Balance weight method: Fix the winch on a wooden pad, bury wooden stakes in front to prevent sliding, and increase the weight to prevent overturning.

The above methods are common fixing methods for electric winches on construction sites. I hope they can help everyone.

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