Three major causes of oil leakage in the reducer of electric single beam crane

It is common for electric single beam cranes to experience gearbox oil leakage during use. A gearbox with severe oil leakage has a negative impact on the cleanliness of the crane itself and the surrounding environment, and can also affect the progress of work. Today, we have summarized the three main reasons for oil leakage in the gearbox of electric single beam cranes.

There are three main reasons for gearbox oil leakage:

One reason is that the design is unreasonable, such as not designing ventilation holes or having too small ventilation holes, which makes the internal pressure of the reducer unable to balance with the external pressure, leading to the leakage of lubricating oil; Due to the fact that the oil pool of the reducer in the trolley running mechanism is composed of the upper and lower boxes, the connection surfaces between the two boxes are not tightly sealed and prone to oil leakage due to prolonged operation.

The second issue is that the manufacturing design does not meet the requirements, and the precision of the box joint surface is insufficient, resulting in loose sealing and oil leakage.

Thirdly, improper use and maintenance have caused multiple blockages, resulting in high internal pressure, excessive oil volume, and high oil level; The connecting bolts are loose, causing the joint surface between the two boxes to be not tight.

The above are the three main reasons we have summarized. Electric single beam cranes are widely used in modern industry and play an irreplaceable role in the development of lifting enterprises. However, while bringing efficiency, convenience, and speed to the production process of enterprises, frequent accidents due to mechanical unsafe factors have brought huge economic losses to the enterprise. Ensuring its safe operation is our top priority.

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