The working range and advantages of electric single beam cranes

Generally speaking, electric single beam cranes have the characteristics of reasonable structure and strong overall rigidity. Working with single speed electric hoists and double speed electric hoists. This type of equipment is a hot selling product for mining cranes and has a very good reputation among the vast customer base. The maximum rated lifting capacity can reach 20 tons, making it easy to operate and flexible to use. It can be used in conjunction with grab buckets, electromagnetic suction cups, etc. The working environment temperature range is -25 ° C to 40 ° C. The work level is A3-A4.

The crane is used in conjunction with CD1 and MD1 electric hoists to form a single beam crane with rail operation. The running track of the suspension crane uses I-beam, and the two ends of the main beam are suspended below the I-beam. This machine is mostly used in mechanical manufacturing, assembly workshops, warehouses, and other places. The LB explosion-proof single beam crane is paired with explosion-proof electric hoists such as BCD and BMD, making it a light and small crane with rail operation. It is suitable for a lifting capacity of 1-16t, a span of 7.5-22.5m, and a working level of A3-A5. It is commonly used in chemical plants, mines, or workshops with flammable and explosive materials. Metallurgical cranes are used in conjunction with metallurgical electric hoists, and are often used in foundries, smelters, or factories with high workshop temperatures. The above are the models of electric single beam cranes, but they are not very comprehensive, such as European style single beam cranes, low clearance single beam cranes, and so on.

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