Precautions for installing the steel wire rope of the winch

Buying a hand hoist is different from a multi-functional hoist, as its wire rope and main body are separate and need to be installed by oneself before use. For beginners, it is particularly important to install the wire rope on the hoist.

The installation of the steel wire rope is simple as follows:

When installing the steel wire rope, it is necessary to fix the rope clamp on one end of the steel wire rope, tighten the screws, and wrap the steel wire rope into the winch from below the drum, and arrange it neatly to make the steel wire rope perpendicular to the reel line in the middle of the drum to avoid falling off during lifting. For installation details, please refer to the article 'Three fixing methods for the hoist wire rope on the drum'.

Precautions for installing steel wire ropes:

Before installation, check whether the load of the steel wire rope matches the model of the winch. The load range of the winch is wide, and the lifting height is also quite high. There are also significant differences in the steel wire ropes of different models of the winch. Therefore, it is necessary to check the model and length of the steel wire rope before installation.

2. Check if there is rust on the surface of the steel wire rope. During the lifting process, the steel wire rope will constantly generate friction with the drum. If there is rust on the surface of the steel wire rope, it will increase the wear of the winch.

3. During use, the steel wire rope on the drum should be wrapped less than 3 turns, otherwise it is easy to detach the rope.

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